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More Than Just A Winter Drink! How To Make Tea Your Summer Staple Too
 Is tea healthy in summer? 
Well, scientists say a hot tea will cool you down more than an ice-cold beverage.If however because of hot and humid conditions a freshly brewed cup of tea hasn't had quite the appeal that it usually does, then try the humble cold brew tea to keep you cool through the summer. Delhi  based Teabox or green tea box  founder Saba suggests some easy ways to beat the heat and get the best out of your tea. 
  • Iced teas are very popular through summer and can be easily made at home.
  •  Take good quality fresh loose leaf teas (about 1.5 times the usual amount) and steep it for 3-5 minutes or as instructed. 
  • Pour the brewed tea over a jug of ice and stir well. 
  • Your iced tea is ready to drink. 
You can add lime or honey as per your taste.
There are numerous recipes and ways of making iced tea online. You can brew your own flavour selecting ingredients you like. We also recommend our Hawaiian Sangria and Ginger Taffy Iced teas for a cool flavourful experience. 
Cold brew is something that is unique and gaining popularity among tea drinkers. In a cold brew, the leaves are left to steep overnight using cold water. The result is totally different and smooth. One of the best cold brews can be had with the Silver Needle White tea and the Burnside Classic Spring Green tea or Green Tea box.
 A hot cup to cool you down: It may come as a surprise but hot tea actually cools you down in the heat of summer. There may be many reasons for this like the small amount of caffeine present in tea and the fact that it is hot makes you sweat which has a cooling effect. The other thing is that the body's cooling system is triggered and reacts to the hot tea that you consume. Have a warm cup of Kashmiri Kahwa or the High Mountain Oolong tea for a pleasing effect.
 Tea helps in digestion: In summer the hot and humid weather conditions cause a lot of heat in our bodies which makes the digestive system susceptible to illnesses. Drinking a warm cup of Tulsi Green tea or Green tea box after meals to soothe the system and help in digestion. 
Rishav Kanoi, Tea Expert at the Tea Trove also lists down five tea options that are your perfect light summertime cold brew beverage!
 Moroccan mint tea combines two summer favourites - mint and green tea - into a skin saving brew that feels unusually refreshing on hot and sunny day
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